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The valor that struggles is better than the weakness that endures.

Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

Farsong: Acts of Valor

(Volume I of the Farsong Saga)

Farsong: Acts of Valor

Against the backdrop of an ancient calamity, we see the current world through the eyes of Navineia Flint, the orphaned adventurer who delves into the mysteries of the past as she explores the larger world around her. As history is unveiled, a series of artifacts are recovered which prompt more questions than answers. Ultimately, Navi also uncovers a shocking truth about her own past, leading to the most unfortunate discovery of all.

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Look at how a single candle can both defy and define the darkness.

Anne Frank

Farsong: The Dark Alignment

(Volume II of the Farsong Saga)

In an effort to prevent a repeat of history, Navineia Flint and her companions seek answers from not only the last War of Chaos but also the one that preceded it a millennium earlier. As they race against the coming storm, Navi also struggles to contain her own darkness while searching for her connection to history.

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All wars, even the noblest, bring a reckoning of means and ends.

Nancy Gibbs

Farsong: The Reckoning

(Volume III of the Farsong Saga)

In order to break the millennial cycle of destruction, people from all corners of Lythea must come together to fulfill an ancient three-thousand-year-old pact.

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As long as you keep one foot in the real world while the other foot’s in a fairy tale, that fairy tale is going to seem kind of attainable.

Aaron Sorkin

Farsong: Tales of the Ages

(Stories from the Farsong Universe)

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